Our main value is people:


  • Over the years, many employees have joined with belief in our ideas and inspiration.

  • We cherish our employees and appreciate our customers.

  • It is the essence of our success - the ability to work in different markets and building a humane and respectful relationship.

  • We start and finish our work with the same level of excellence and professionalism.

  • SILVER STANDARD PLANT tasks and people are always in harmony - relationships, promises and dignity, as well as rational solutions, knowledge and practical application are equally important.


The quality targets of our company’s work are:


  • Understanding customer's requirements and expectations in order to offer the best and most optimal solution before starting production.

  • Carefully selecting needed materials according to the criteria.

  • Implementing internationally recognized standards in our production to ensure the highest quality of products.

  • Organizing the work using the process approach and analyzing the effectiveness of the implementation in order to improve our work and achieve even better results.